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Born in Napier, New Zealand I was a tiny 18 months old when my folks decided to haul ass to Perth where I grew up. As soon as I turned 18 I was on the next flight to Melbourne and never looked back. (Don't get me wrong, Perth has great beaches and...) 


Photography started in the darkroom when I was 15. I loved everything about it, from manually rolling film into cannisters to developing the prints by hand. When I got to Melbourne, I had one suitcase of clothes and a Pentax SLR. 


I started out shooting live gigs for publications like Beat Magazine and Queensland-based zine, Deadbeat. I dabbled in food photography, construction photography and fashion photography before landing on weddings and pets! People wanted candid photography and I just so happened to have a knack for it! 


Based in our Footscray loft, our little family is Phoeny (our very senior adopted rescue Shih Tzu x Maltese x Schnauzer x a thousand other bits) and my partner Ryan who likes to play the drums every now and then. 

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