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Think old Hollywood glamour/little bit high fashion/candid.  You want to dress up like they used to in the golden age. Pair those jeans with a turtleneck or chuck on that gown you bought thinking you'd wear it to a ball one day! My style is very laid back because I want you to look natural and at ease with your fur babies which is why I offer a couple of options! 


If your fluffy ones are ok to travel, your photoshoot can take place at my Footscray studio warehouse. I'm located in the old Docklands Cotton Mill with photo opportunities galore! On a lovely sunny day we can traipse around the old buildings getting some great alleyway photos or pop down to the river for a few snaps on the boardwalk. If the weather isn't looking too great, we can shoot indoors at the studio! 


Alternatively, if your treasured pet is the stay-at-home type, I can come to you! Sometimes our pets are a lot less anxious when in the comfort of their own home so I will help set up a few scenes inside your home be it, glamour shot on your mid-century armchair or perhaps dinner time in the kitchen. I can make anything work. 


If you're a bit camera shy, that's ok! I snap away when you least expect it. I won't be asking you to look at the camera and pose, unless you're after that of course. You don't even have to be in the photo at all although, it's always heaps of fun when you are! There's no limit to costume changes or family members either so round up the herd and get fancy.


It's always great to have a little inspo or an idea of what you're after prior to your session. If you're after some of my inspo, you can find my Pinterest page in the footer below. I also take into account the time it may take for your furry companion to warm to a stranger or chill out from the excitement so when I arrive, we have a little chat and settle in over a tea or coffee! Once we're all feeling good and ready, we'll start setting up some great frames. 


I shoot solely on 35mm and 120mm film for that classic analogue look so once we wrap shooting, I head straight to the darkroom and develop all the film by hand. When it's dry, I'll scan them all through and send you a link. From the link you can choose the images you like best and the prints can get underway! 

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